Overall view Workshop EWI

Wire EDM 

We have a number of Fanuc wire EDM machines including a six-axis machine with maximum table travel of 370x270mm and a height of 255mm.
The maximum travel of the U and V axes is 60mm.
We are able to use 0.25mm and 0.10mm diameter wire for EDM. Even smaller diameter wire can possibly be used if necessary.

Fanuc wire EDM machine

Micro EDM 

The Sarix SX 200 micro EDM machine is a zinc wire machine with a wire EDM unit. The machine has a maximum table travel of 250x150mm and height range of approx. 200mm. This machine also has a fourth axis. Depending on the choice of machine, material and workpiece, a precision of 0.005 to 0.01mm can be achieved. The working range (XYZ) is 350x200x200mm.



The Small Tec discharge microdrilling machine is able to drill holes from diameters of 0.02mm with a depth of 0.05mm (2xD to 5xD). We also have a nanowave milling machine and a micro lathe for very small components that can be made through turning and milling.

Nanowave, micro turning machine

Smalltec discharge drilling machine


We are able to carry out a wide range of milling work at DEMO.
We have various conventional milling machines with maximum table travels of 600x800mm.
CNC simultaneous 3-axes, Hermle U1130, with a maximum table travel of 700x1100mm, and up to 800mm in height.
We also have an enhanced precision version of a Fehlman Picomax 825 Versa that offers 5 axes simultaneously and is equipped with an Erowa zero-point workholding system. The precision is 0.001mm per axis. Also a Fehlman P90, P60, P56 TOP and several P55 machines that have four or five axes and are well-suited for carrying out complex fine precision milling with milling depths up to 0.01mm. A CNC simultaneous 5-axis machine with a maximum table travel of 850x700mm and a height of up to 500mm. This machine can handle workpieces with weights of up to 1400 kg.


Fehlman Picomax 825 Versa

A number of Hermle CNC simultaneous 6-axis milling machines with a maximum table travel of 850x700 mm, a maximum height of 500mm and a maximum workpiece weight of 1400kg.

Control Panel of Hermle C40U


Conventional lathe with a maximum diameter of 450mm and a length of 800mm.
CNC lathing using powered tool bits and a controlled C-axis to machine the top surface or the outside of the workpiece in a clamp. Dimensions: diameter 275x400 mm, diameter 150x750mm.

3D printing

The 3D printer is equipped with two build platforms with different sizes: one platform is 115x72x230mm with an xy resolution of 30µm, the other is 84x52.5x230mm with an xy resolution of 21.5µm. Both platforms have a z-axis resolution of at least 25µm. This printer can be used to print various types of material, for example heat-resistant material, ceramic-filled plastics, wax (for casting moulds), biocompatible materials and ABS and rubber-like materials.

3D printer

Machining plastics

DEMO has a separate workshop for machining plastics in order to keep metals and plastics apart. A wide range of plastics can be machined using many different processes: CNC milling, lathing, sawing and planing, joining plastics using welding or glue. Form bending and sheets and tubes is also possible.


We can carry out many different welding processes, including laser welding with a Trumpf pulsed laser 5004, max. 5kW max. weld spot size 2.236mm.

Laser welding machine

Orbital welding with diameters up to 38mm, including the possibility of welding connectors to the tube. Each weld can be recorded and stored in digital form.

TIG and MIG welding of stainless steel, aluminium and steel.


Cutting 3000x8mm, press brake bending up to 3000mm length, rolling of sheets and profiles, various 3D clamping tables for welding and assembly work.



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